February 2019

gentle mellow glow

healing to the feeling
of your guidance
a moondance wept in dappled morning dew
moonbeams bright send love and light
In dreams you kiss my silent prayers unbroken
with not a word spoken
a promise is a flower in sweet bud to blossom
tears no more with laughter never fails you
the sun sleeps late cover white sky
it is one of those days
the sun too tired to rise
ancient pain is just a thing of the past
in pouring rain the earth is overcast
yet simply said as ever do you know
I love you so
because you are
my guiding star
of gentle mellow glow.

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felt the flight of angels

felt the flight of angels
rite beside the night
fill dark corners earthy crust undo lust a trust hang like banged up stars crush fairy dust- arise with the tide look deep into eyes that sleep that seek mistletoe you know troubles blow winds still, bare branch scatter twig to the soiled ground rewind the dirt that curse the moss that ran amuck in mud and toss the senses to serve their sire fire tresses resins pressures steamy summer here and gone a summer heat to lessen lessons best harbinger beckons beacons mirror beveled edges
simplest similar records speak in haste regardless of race
your broken vow so stern somehow
notice posted BYE for now.

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elegant gaunt mist
sunburst joy
kissed epitome

strings knotted
tapestry floral throw
wishes welling woe

your tears are mine
sync in kind
melancholy fit the crime
you are yours
I am mine

blue star shine
sheer red cloud pass by

rainbow glow purple/yellow
rest your weary head upon my pillow

bird fly nearby
the silver moon sigh
merry mellow sky
no regret

night expressed rely
draw between the lines
color her divine kismet.

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end of summer

crickets converge echoing
an ecological convention
as if an intervention
click through grass and weed
a brassy sounding tempo
another night to tempt
rose over the compartment
in a racket
discreetly crackle
thighs rub looking for grubs
ingesting flys bugs
nightly mayhem
to send a message
little insects interject their interest
under the plunder of
moon filled wonder
at the end of summer.

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delicate flower

fragile life delicate flower
time long hours wait the dawn
sing a song of bliss regard
the dream stream moon beams
rivers of love unsung hero
tears fill eyes harsh sky of thunder put us under
the wrath of wonder

Pour rain plunder
I see you in summer
comforts impart
an affair of the heart
water mark
evening stars light up the dark
cloudy night shimmer spark
we met one night in a park
talked from the heart

estranged strangers in the rain
pouring our hearts out
found loss
a matter of time

walk a stretch of beach
sun sparkling on the water
I found you there

windy cloudy days
the young and the brave
stun the waves
a cavalcade a maze
find my way
back to you

laugh gentle soul
frisky as a foal
winter was to know you
as virgin snow

echo footsteps
slick and splashy
held her hand
in the middle of the world
a moment of eternity
encompass serenity
I commit your mellow gray blue eyes
to memory.

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