June 2019

enders of the east

hibiscus sweet sugary dark bark
no worry tender twig upon the heart
dug deep into mineral floor the flora
decades steep in soil root mute curl coil
in a land as loyal enders of the east
receive the royal pear and Goldberg bagel feast
all the spoils are anointed
by the romantic Atlantic
castaway long summer sway trees warm wind skim shore
pack trunk dump junk
leave the bible in the drawer
fold clothes from the dryer
hot as if they were on fire
by the Sound and telephone wire
we are all famous in the Hamptons
liable to listen to Lionel train his quartet
in a most blue moody moon-set
dance to the stereo
strangers well meant amusement
soon the snow and ice will trickle the pipes sacrifice
summer ’19 will be just a memory
augment autumn upon us author autonomy
search the birch for parchment
as we did in Larchmont
leave every leaf in place
beguiled thoughts to file
rile denial look my way your smile christen day
wild child please don’t turn away
fate is late thank God for time
that has us pray for yours and mine.

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the night sky

for Barbara

through eave a star lit night
bathe shimmer bright
moon dust fill a most
awesome handsome site
devil may care to
witness day somber gray bird in flight
worm in her mouth
call of babies wanting mama to feed them
warm in their twiggy nest an appetite for
grub and pest
the one you love the best
in the cycle of survival
my pet
the angel and regret
a summer set morn
blackbirds in a field of corn
your face is worn
like an autumn song
catch a cold that
linger long
i love you right or wrong
in my heart never gone.

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