a birthday wish

a birthday wish
may all things bring you
clear sky view
music to sooth you
may God help you find miracles
unlock time from its box
melt snow and spice
marriage and rice
salt the walk cook with rice
pathways and byways to choose
sentiments sandalwood candles
the Sabbath ceramic dishes
love and best wishes
the man of yr dreams knows who his love is
she dreams of world peace
but settles for yogurt & berries
she has a passion for her work
wheels in motion
equate with a date to the ocean
search every very notion
momentary little explosions
breakthroughs border her benevolence
ever gently
misty morning temperament
her thoughts
a mellow reaction
to the world
to guide her children
to see the day
as limitless
commune with nature
in tune and stable venture
the many years of life
happy adventure
future bright!!
the beauty of a bird in flight
the break of dawn first light
hugs and kisses in the night
everyday newly born
my birthday wishes for you ere long.

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in character
the feral remote
surge like a river
strive as a giver
deliver her heart
in a manner of rigor
from worlds worth repeating
revolve receiving
courageous meditative
involve in being
examine each tree
consume she resume
ice sprang
wonder of winter
will melt she sang
rise city high life
exclusive illusive
streets beneath the feet
of woman and man
suggest the spectacular
in the eye of a camera
architectural banter
actual factual strand
bound minimal
found ground
break of day
circle oak tree
look for nut.

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Red Fairy

red fairy flitting through the autumn mist
every whirling swirling sound
consecutive expletives in seconds falling down
tumbling to the ground
pensive memory happens fantastic
a last past chance is found
perceive a leaf adrift in wind
of seasons lifted spin
dear spirit where you been?
is solitude a sin?
you lose some some you win
though light may darken the way turn dim
attempts to start over but where to begin?

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