elegant gaunt mist
sunburst joy
kissed epitome

strings knotted
tapestry floral throw
wishes welling woe

your tears are mine
sync in kind
melancholy fit the crime
you are yours
I am mine

blue star shine
sheer red cloud pass by

rainbow glow purple/yellow
rest your weary head upon my pillow

bird fly nearby
the silver moon sigh
merry mellow sky
no regret

night expressed rely
draw between the lines
color her divine kismet.

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end of summer

crickets converge echoing
an ecological convention
as if an intervention
click through grass and weed
a brassy sounding tempo
another night to tempt
rose over the compartment
in a racket
discreetly crackle
thighs rub looking for grubs
ingesting flys bugs
nightly mayhem
to send a message
little insects interject their interest
under the plunder of
moon filled wonder
at the end of summer.

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delicate flower

fragile life delicate flower
time long hours wait the dawn
sing a song of bliss regard
the dream stream moon beams
rivers of love unsung hero
tears fill eyes harsh sky of thunder put us under
the wrath of wonder

Pour rain plunder
I see you in summer
comforts impart
an affair of the heart
water mark
evening stars light up the dark
cloudy night shimmer spark
we met one night in a park
talked from the heart

estranged strangers in the rain
pouring our hearts out
found loss
a matter of time

walk a stretch of beach
sun sparkling on the water
I found you there

windy cloudy days
the young and the brave
stun the waves
a cavalcade a maze
find my way
back to you

laugh gentle soul
frisky as a foal
winter was to know you
as virgin snow

echo footsteps
slick and splashy
held her hand
in the middle of the world
a moment of eternity
encompass serenity
I commit your mellow gray blue eyes
to memory.

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dearest mom

dearest mom
I’ve yelled too much at you
it’s not good for you at all
I love you for your smiles
your laughter like sweet water
a babbling brook
I love you for the tears that find
your cheeks
eyes cornflower hue of blue
gentle in your face
I love that face
that face me in the day
I cherish the moments
that you are still okay
I haven’t heard silence
as much as
when you say goodnight
you know me as a mountain
my Mohammud
walking daylight sunning your pudim
holding it together by the hour
as the daughter comes marching in
and believe it or not
I wish you peace have a whole lot
I wish you better days restful nights
good appetites
the courage in you flies the flag
of hopes you’ve had a few
my demons make you restless
revive refresh renew!!!
and you are just as smooth as silk
when you are feeling free
I take away your freedom
in moments of despair
you may not like it
but be damned you are always there
my mother the scholar
experience has made you wise
and I am just a wise guy
who asks of you to try
too much too much
to have and to hold.

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dear lady-for Teri

she bless in purple dress her tresses darken bright
to be among poets notice in her phrase
revel in her praise she bring
a contemporary set a memory to linger
her passages carry bliss convey a rite
that kept her writing
inviting in the night
in step and in her stride
a purpose and a pride
resurgent as the sea is wide
to be there by her side
the care in taking on
her gift writ a bond
finding words
she speak as if in lyrics to a song
has us all enthralled
before the night is gone
dear lady we are charmed
an ocean smooth and calm
mellow with her fellow they are one
lit by the light of their love
forever be as young.

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